Thursday, March 13, 2008

Twitter is killing my blog

Twitter is killing my blog initiative. In fact this post can just be a straight copy-paste from some recent tweets (reverse chronological order):

Angel Pizarro delagoya Ah, just saw that on XP you can't see my character cleverness. Sux4U dude
Angel Pizarro delagoya suppose a hash assignment {:foo ➠ :bar }
Angel Pizarro delagoya and also wondering if I can use ruby's syntatic suger with random windings
Angel Pizarro delagoya It's like the evolution of large emails ☞ short emails ☞ IM
Angel Pizarro delagoya notice that twitter is killing my blog initiative. Why blog when a short tweet will do?

Really? It's that easy? Can you beat that ease-of-brain-dump I think not. Some picasa functions came close for posting quick notes on photos, but there isn't really a native blogger equivalent (that I know of). The whole create post -> edit post -> post post life cycle is too long for a quick set of thoughts you want to jot down.

I could probably research this more, but really why would I when twitter is always there, and I actually have an audience that comments back to my posts. And so back to my original point: Twitter is killing my blog.