Friday, August 17, 2007

ITMArT: A request tracking system

For a few (3-4) months I have been working on a user request and order management tracking system. Most of that time has been spent wrestling with RoR's ajax functionality and making the UI as intuitive as I possibly can. Basically I took the "getting real" book at face value and started with the interface.

What remains, though, are lots of "under-the-hood" plumbing to get small things like getting user accounts to work with the CAS SSO server, access control lists and group management. Oh, and email alerts... yeeesh. Well at least it looks pretty.

The search works well and the cart concept seems to be pretty easy to follow. The order processing, though, still leaves something to be desired. Reporting is air-ware at the moment.

I'll keep posting tidbits about this project often (since it currently take 90% of my time) so stay tuned!