Saturday, September 29, 2007

Signs from above

So my earlier idea of using an iPhone or iPod touch as the gateway into an electronic lab notebook for tracking protocols and doing real-time data entry has been given some conflicting signals from the powers that be. One of those powers (my boss) answered my long (but not too long) email proposal with a one word reply. What was the word you ask? ... "cute" ... No signature even.

Another higher power (the internet) quickly followed that crushing monosyllabic bitch-slap with an uplifting rumour from AppleInsider that Apple is developing a PDA device based on the iPhone & Touch UI, but with a bigger screen. Bigger screen (woohoo!) and the potential to install non-Apple third party apps (highly unlikely given Apple's recent activities) would be an ideal device to use as a lab e-notebook tablet.

Oh, whom do I listen to??? Should I drop the project completely? Or should I table the project until the a new, (relatively) low-cost, and developer-friendly device pops into existence?

In the end, I decided to listen to my inner voice, you know the impatient one, and just bought myself a touch to play around with for the time being. If this mythical iPAD ever sees the light of day, I'll raise the issue again with the G-man and get him to foot the bill for what will probably be a more expensive device. Either way I win ;) Unless of course he calls my bluff ...