Monday, October 6, 2008

Not so much about science...

So in looking back over that last few entries, it seems I have strayed from my original mission, which was to cover issues regarding informatics and how it relates to science. The first part seems to have dominated the posts recently, so I am dropping all pretenses starting a new blog, over at Blogger competitor Wordpress.

Why a new platform? I figured I would give Wordpress a spin to see how it compares to blogger. Also I like the template they had for the blog ;) So far, the interface is similar, but looks a bit cleaner than Blogger's. Overall, it seems the same functionality and workflow, with the addition of one thing that I can see coming in very useful for a site like I envision, permanent pages.

In effect, If I write something that I want to be prominently displayed at all times, I create a page. This can come in handy say, if I give a set of instructions for setting up your development environment, or for providing a listing of resources. As a regular blog post these types of items are "discoverable" by searching, but they will eventually go away as new posts drown them out.

Another agument for the Page as opposed to a post is to combat a post from becoming stale. How many times have you thought you found an answer to a question in a blog post but it turns out said post is a bit old and the solution no longer applies? I guess stackoverflow seeks to remedy this, but bloggers can do their part by posting "important" and generally applicable posts with prominence as a page, thus they are always reminded to update it, since is it always visible.

Anywho, there I go again, talking strictly about web applications. Well, I guess I'll shut up now and you can check AppMecha for more posts related to these issues.